1. Tell me about how the purchased package works?

Let’s assume you have purchased Biochemistry High Yielding pack then you will get access to lectures for Biochemistry. All the subject related videos are accessible to the students via TAMS APP. You are authorised to view any video as many times as you want. All packages offered by Tulip are valid according to the subscription you have purchased.

2. Do you track my video access usage? If yes, then how?

We track the time duration videos are actually played for excluding the time video was paused or not played. A progress bar is given in your account via which you yourself can track video access usage.

3. Is there any limit to watch the videos?

There is no limit to watch free videos we offer. However, subscribed videos are available for the time duration covered under the purchased package.

4. Can I get test series?


5. Can I get lecture notes?

Yes, you can easily download lecture notes in PPT, PDF, etc. formats that are prepared by industry experts that they use during lectures. One of the great advantages of these lecture PPT notes and videos is you can pause them anytime to note down the important points that is not possible in classroom lectures.

6. How can I clear my doubts?

You are free to send us your query or doubts at One of our experts will solve your doubt in a short time span.

7. When can I access the subject material included in my package?

All the subject material included in your package will get available to you right after you login using the provided credentials

8. Can I download the videos or buy them in form of DVD?

No, due to privacy reasons, we don’t authorise you to download the video or sell them in the form of DVDs. Furthermore, Tulip has copyright on content it posts on any resource form either on website, app, or social media.

9. Can I extend the access or package?

Yes, you can extend your access to our online study material.


1. What is the minimum internet speed required to watch the videos properly?

To watch interruption free videos, you need 1.5Mbps internet speed.

2. Which browser will be suitable to watch the videos?

Latest version of Google Chrome would be better for content available on website. Remember, video resources are available on our TAMS App only. Hence, for advance learning through videos, you have to download TAMS App.

3. Can I watch the videos on mobile or tablet?

Yes, you can watch the videos on mobile or tablet. You can easily download our TAMS APP from Play Store or App Store. Remember, videos can be watched via TAMS App only not on the website.

4. What are the hardware/network requirements to run the content?

You simply need the latest version of Google Chrome Browser on PC/Laptop or android / apple mobile to view our videos. Our videos support both IOS and Android platform. You can as well watch our videos using TAMS Android App on your android mobile, tablet or device supports android 4.4 or above.

Billing & Payment

1. How to purchase a package?

Following are the steps:

  1. Sign up on our website or TAMS App.
  2. Enter the asked details and submit the form
  3. You will receive an automated email in which payment details and link of online payment will be given
  4. Make the payment
  5. Once the payment is made we will send you login credentials
  6. Login from the same account and use the material

2. How much time it will take to get login credentials after payment?

You will get login credentials within 24 hours once the payment is made.

3. What are the payment modes via which you accept the payments?

We accept payment via credit card, debit card, NEFT, IMPS, Cheque Deposit, and net banking (Link: ). In case you want any other information regarding payment mode, you can mail us at: